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Mipa 1K UV High Build Primer


Mipa 1K UV High Build Primer


Our new Mipa 1K UV High Build Primer has arrived.

Available in both aerosol and spray application, with high film thickness achieved after two coats and sandable as quickly as five minutes, our new UV Primer will increase your productivity, saving you time and energy costs.

Features And Benefits


Feature - Dries with UV LED Lamp or exposure to direct sunlight. Benefit - Speeds up the process increasing productivity, saving time and energy costs.


Feature - Outstanding mechanical and chemical resistances. Benefit - Helping to enhance the application of topcoat to provide further protection.


Feature - Available in spray application or aerosol. Benefit - The aerosol allows for quicker set up to complete the job and the spray application allows for more product application if required.


Feature - Quick drying. Benefit - Can be sanded in as quickly as five minutes. Helping to speed up the process.


Feature - High film thickness in just two coats. Benefit - Enhances the surface protection capabilities.


Feature - Will adhere to multiple metal substrates. Benefit - Saves the need for an adhesion promoter.


Feature - 1K system with no pot life (225810000). Benefit - Helps save on product wastage.


Feature - Smart repairs. Benefit - Ideal for local and spot repairs.



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