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Mipa Special Effects

Mipa Special Effects

Mipa Special Effects

The Mipa Special Effects consists of the BC V.I.P colours which are ready mixed extreme colour effects for the exclusive painting of cars and motorcycles, plus the  

WBC/BC - CV pigments - tinter range. A concentrated pigment paste to create special effects. 

For a high quality special effect finish look no further than the Mipa Special Effects range.

View the brochures below to see the special effects that can be achieved and the products available from the Specialty Products on our website.


Mipa Special-effect Basecoats (New Brochure)


Mipa WBC/BC Mixing Tinters CV


If you would like to know more on the Mipa Special Effects product range please feel free to leave a comment below or send us an email at

Click here to view the full range of specialty products.

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